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Together, we are transforming how and where clinical research is done

The Scripps Research Digital Trials Center leads groundbreaking studies that address the world’s most pressing health concerns. As pioneers of the “site-less” clinical trial, we leverage rapidly evolving digital health technologies to re-engineer the clinical trial experience around the participant, rather than the research site.

Until recently, geography was a limiting factor in the design of health research. Investigators could look no further than their local area for potential participants. Now, digital technology is rapidly changing that status quo, providing researchers with powerful tools for recruiting, monitoring, and communicating with study participants, wherever they might live.

As a result, projects can be more inclusive — reaching people who have been historically underrepresented in biomedical research — and can scale to far larger numbers of participants than traditional site-centric trials. And digital technology can help transform research “subjects” into true partners, who may choose to stay involved for multi-year periods, making possible an unprecedented level of longitudinal data contributions.

The Scripps Research Digital Trials Center helps transform the relationship between scientists and study participants.

Our growing portfolio of projects

The Scripps Research Digital Trials Center partners with world-renowned academic collaborators and technologists, industry partners, government organizations, participant partners and advisors, and farsighted benefactors. Together, we are transforming how and where clinical research is done. Spanning a broad spectrum, including genomic, cardiovascular, and metabolic topics, our translational work holds out the promise of life-changing medical knowledge that improves health.

Infectious Diseases

Early detection of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases

Maternal Health

A healthy pregnancy research community

Precision Nutrition

Individualized prediction of glycemic response

Precision Medicine

Creating healthcare based on the individual

Heart Health

Remote screening and monitoring of cardiovascular health

Sleep Medicine

Virtual sleep monitoring and sleep disorder research