Julia Moore Vogel

Julia Moore Vogel, PhD, MBA
Senior Program Director, The Participant Center, All of Us Research Program

Julia manages The Participant Center (TPC) for the All of Us Research Program which is charged with recruiting and retaining 350,000 individuals that represent the diversity of the United States. TPC aims to make it possible for interested individuals anywhere in the US to become active participants, for example by collaborating with numerous outreach partners to raise awareness, collecting biosamples nationwide, returning participants’ results and developing self-guided workflows that enable participants to join whenever is convenient for them. She is also leading the Long COVID Wearables Study, which aims to help individuals with Long COVID use wearables to manage their symptoms, and the ImmunoCARE Study, which aims to decrease COVID-19 hospitalizations in immunocompromised individuals.

Prior to SRTI, Julia created, proposed, fundraised for, and implemented research and clinical genomics initiatives at the New York Genome Center and The Rockefeller University. She oversaw the proposal and execution of grants, including a $44M NIH Center for Common Disease Genomics in collaboration with over 20 scientific contributors across seven institutions. She also managed corporate partnerships, including one that assessed the relative value of several genomic assays for cancer patients. She has a BS in Mathematics from RPI, PhD in Computational Biology and Medicine from Cornell, and MBA from Cornell.